Funeral Costs and Payment Information

When you’re grieving for a loved one, we realise that funeral costs are an extra burden, and we’re here to help you.

At your meeting with Resthaven Funerals, we will be assisting you and providing options within your budget and wishe. We can tailor the funeral services to suit, and we’ll provide you with a no obligation estimate of the funeral costs.


Resthaven Funeral Costings
Resthaven Funeral Costings

Some of the biggest funeral costs are whether you chose a burial or cremation; the choice of casket; and additional items such as flowers, newspaper notices, catering, and live streaming. Cremation is usually cheaper than a burial, but even so there are cremation costs to consider.

All funeral directors charge for their services: this includes receiving instructions concerning funeral arrangements, personal care and attention of your loved one, embalming and mortuary care, obtaining medical paperwork from the doctor, preparing necessary documentation, attending to the registration of the death, provision of funeral home facilities and services, further transfers, use of hearse and other cars, after hours fees, paying disbursements, and conducting other services in accordance with instructions.

Do you have financial worries about the funeral cost?

Resthaven Funerals can refer you to agencies, such as Work and Income, where a funeral grant may be available depending on your assets and income. Or if the death was caused by an accident, ACC may be able to help. Other entitlements are also available for ex-service personnel and their families.

What to do if the estate is tied up in Probate?

When a death occurs, the bank accounts in the name of the deceased are frozen. In some cases, the bank accounts can’t be accessed until after Probate is granted. To ensure on-going access by a partner, it’s best if bank accounts are held in joint names.

When settlement of an estate is delayed by lack of Probate, families need to pay for the cost of the funeral by the due date. Funds can be recovered from the estate when it is settled.

Most funeral firms send the account for the funeral costs directly to the family and, if required, will send a copy to the solicitor. The person making the arrangements with the funeral director remains responsible for paying the account.

We will always provide you with an estimate of the funeral costs at the outset.

The invoice will be dated the day of the funeral and will be posted within approximately seven (7) days after the funeral.

Unless specific arrangements have been made, the due date for full payment is 21 days from invoice date. If the invoice has not been paid after 21 days this account becomes overdue and there may be penalties charged for late payment.

Remember, Resthaven Funerals is able to accommodate most budgets so please talk to us for information and advice.

Arrange a memorable farewell for your loved one

We understand that coping with grief and making important decisions may be challenging. Our caring team is here to help you with arranging a funeral that celebrates the life of your loved one. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Phone Howick 09 533 7493 or Manurewa 09 267 2530.

Funeral Pre Planning Meeting
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