Resthaven Monumental Services

Resthaven Funerals can provide a range of high quality granite headstones and commemorative plaques with the inscription and decorative memorabilia of your choice.

Our memorial craftsmen use natural stone granite because it has proven to be more weather resistant and better able to accept a clearer inscription than any other single material at such a reasonable cost. It has incredible surface resistance to all normal corrosive elements, therefore requiring minimal maintenance.

We can arrange to have the headstone or ash memorials of your choice installed in any of your local cemeteries as well as in cemeteries throughout New Zealand.

We have many designs in stock and can also offer custom made to order designs to suit your requirements.

There is a large selection of granite colours to choose from.

Photographs or artwork can be etched into the headstone or included in a ceramic design set onto the stone, to depict the loved ones hobbies, sports, loves etc. We have samples available or alternatively we can use our customers own designs.

Ceramic photos are also available to personalise the memorial headstone and make it unique for your loved one.

Below are our some of our most popular stones, but for more information please click here.

Our Most Popular Monuments:

Colour Range:

Africa Grey
Bahama Blue
Balmoral Red
Blue Pearl
Butterfly Blue
Carara Marble
Dark Forest Green
Dark Sea Grey
Emerald Pearl
Galaxy Black
India Red
Kashmir White
Kerala Green
Midnight Rose
Pearl White
Red Multi
Regal Black
Ruby Red
Sea Grey
Seabed Black
Sun Red
Surf Grey
Tan Brown